Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st February 2019 | Saxena Vibhutis Saviour | Full Written Episode

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st February 2019

The Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st February 2019 episode start with Anu says so Hapu I came tired home and approached him for water,

Hapu says then she is correct you ought to apologize,

Vibhu says you need to hear me too,

I was cutting Vegetables,

Anu says yet he was home I wasn’t,

Hapu says she is correct, and when you have a spouse like her,

Why stress,

Anu says he has no an incentive for me or my work,

Hapu says genuine I will capture him on the off chance that you need,

Vibhu says this isn’t finished,

Hapu says quiets down and stay in line Mishra or else I will hit you so awful that you will ask for pardoning,

Anu and Vibhu request that he get out.

Vibhu goes to God to spare him from trick appear,

Saxena strolls to him and says god you have confidence in God I never knew,

Vibhu says I simply my work to be finished,

Saxena asks whats off-base,

Vibhu says that stunt appear, im so terrified,

Saxena says you will pass on and I additionally have discovered a place to burry you,

Vibhuti says talk something great and slaps him,

Saxena says I have played out these tricks for a long time.

Vibhu says thank you god,saxena god send me to help you,we will be coat and protective cap and all will be great please concur I adore you, express yes to supplant me,

Saxena says for what reason should I concur,

Vibhu says on the grounds that I know a place with many live wires.

Young men at tea slow down, sore in agony,

Hapu strolls to them and asks what’s going on,

Tilu says nothing sitting tight for you, come hit us,

Hapu says for what reason will I hit you with no reason,

Commissioner strolls to them and asks what’s going on,

Hapu says managing these young men,

Commissioner says quiets down I discovered that you have been disturbing these poor young men, you are terminated,

Young men leave cheerfully.

Angoori asks Tiwari what saree she should wear,

Laddo requests that he help math issue,

Tiwari opens book sees a phony cockroach and get frightened,

Angoori says quiet down,

Laddo begins giggling and leaves.

Vibhu strolls in and says I’m altogether arranged for the bicycle appear,

Angoori says all the best, and will be eager to see you perform,

Vibhu says yes I will fly, Tiwari believes what’s going on with him,

Angoori says be situated I will make you something.

Young men having talk,

Hapu strolls to them with a leaflet,

Tilu asks what is this,

Young men ask whats the issue you have no activity searching for some new activity, how about we propose him something and begin ridiculing Hapu,

Hapu says look I’m not angry with you but rather cheerful as a result of no activity I would now be able to put a slow down in passage here’s the subtleties do come and leaves.

Laddo touches base at Hapus slow down,

Hapu hands him chocolate on pointing right,

Young men touch base at Hapu slow down and state this is the ideal time to render retribution, and ask will we play,

Hapu says yes yet you have cash,

Tilu says indeed,

Hapu says OK and clarifies the diversion,

Tilu points and hits hapu,

Young men intentionally begin pointing Hapu.

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