Divya Drishti 3rd March 2019 Written Episode Update

Divya Drishti 3rd March 2019 Written Episode Update on hubfeed

Today’s DivyaDrishti 3 March episode starts with Drishti getting strained on observing the look at a young lady tumbling from a stature. She neglects to see the young lady’s face. The scorpion goes to the patio to alarm Divya.

The scorpion prevents Divya from fleeing. Drishti discovers that Divya will tumble from the porch.

Rakshit goes to the porch. The scorpion vanishes. Rakshit holds Divya when she loses her equalization. Divya gets pleased.

Guruji’s follower goes into the house in mask. He inspires strained to see Divya and Drishti together around Sachini.

Drishti erroneously goes to Divya’s room. The two change in a similar room. Divya and Drishti get into a contention.

Sachini gets infuriated on observing Divya and Drishti together at Rakshit’s home. She goes to Rakshit’s home to toss Divya and Drishti out of the house.

Sachini sends an enchanted tornado inside Divya and Drishti’s room. Amazingly, the young ladies continued dozing without getting irritated.

Sachini inspires on edge to realize why her enchantment didn’t chip away at Divya and Drishti.

She goes to Rakshit’s home to discover reality.

Rakshit gets furious on Mahima for taking his dad’s name. He asks for Mahima not to recollect her better half.

An individual calls at Rakshit’s home to illuminate that Randhawa won’t most likely seek the gathering. Yet, a phony individual has gone into Rakshit’s home as Randhawa.

Rakshit splits the arrangement with phony Randhawa. Drishti sees Randhawa taking the ring through her third eye.

She says that Randhawa is here to accomplish something incorrectly. She gets strained as Rakshit won’t trust her.

She attempts to prevent Rakshit from trusting Randhawa yet comes up short.

Divya takes Lavanya’s wedding band. Randhawa goes to Lavanya’s room and replaces the wedding band box.

He converses with himself and says he is here to take the valuable ring.

Sachini says she will ruin the commitment to discover Divya and Drishti’s fact.

The written update of 3 March 2019 Divya Drishti episode full story ends.

Upcoming Divya Dhrishti episode update:
Sachini comes to find her magical twins.

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Divya Drishti Details

The story of the show will revolve around a young girl possessed by ‘Devi’ at periodic intervals.When the ‘Devi’ arrives, the girl is able to foresee events.Actors Sana Sayyad, Sangeeta Ghosh and Mansi Srivastava will be seen leading the show.Recently the promo of the show is released where Sangeeta Ghosh as partial witch steals the show and Sana Sayyad is seen in innocent girl avatar who can foresee future.It would be really interesting to wait and watch for this show as the VFX of the show looks promising.

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