Read Kasautii Zindagii Kay 24th January 2019 |Anurag Decides To Confess Love |Written Update

Read Kasautii Zindagii Kay 24th January 2019

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 24th January 2019 Episode begins with Komolika saying where is this Mishka.

Anurag says I need to come to disclose to you that I… Prerna asks what.

Komolika comes to call Anurag.

She says you are in much interest, everybody needs you.

Mohini requests that he come. Anurag says I will be back Prerna.

He goes.

Komolika gazes at Prerna.

Prerna goes.

Nivedita says for what reason do I think you are keen on Anurag.

Komolika says no on the off chance that I had enthusiasm for him, he would have come to me.

She goes.

Mohini expresses profound gratitude for coming in the commitment without prior warning, guarantee to give multi-week see before their Sangeet, it will be held one week from now, all of you need to come.

Everybody applauds.

Mohini sends Prerna for work.

Mishka presents her companions.

Anurag gets occupied.

Prerna goes to Mohini’s room.

Anupam feels pitiful.

Anurag asks did you see Prerna.

Anupam asks what’s going on.

He sees Anurag’s hand and supposes he has expelled his wedding band.

He says truly, she went to Mohini’s room.

Anurag says thanks to him and goes.

Mishka asks did you see Anurag.

Anupam says truly, and deceives her.

He grins.

Moloy requests that visitors appreciate the capacity.

He meets the staff man’s little girl Avika.

He learns Avika bearing the investigations’ weight from her folks.
Avika says I need to get great imprints, yet Naina rivals me.

Nivedita says Avika will show signs of improvement marks.

Moloy says don’t pressurize her, complete a certain something, sit, tests are a little piece of life, don’t make it a major thing, don’t take the pressure, imagine a scenario in which Avika scores less, she can get discouraged, sad.

The man expresses gratitude toward Moloy for his recommendation.

Avika expresses gratitude toward Moloy as well.

Mishka sees Prerna’s pic and says I had kept it in the book, so Anurag got this.

She consumes the pic and says Prerna, presently Anurag won’t see you.

She tosses the pic outside.

The window ornament bursts into flames.

Mishka leaves.

Mohini says Chobey Ji, I trust you wouldn’t fret this commitment.

Chobey says no, I m happy to get identified with your family.

He goes.

Mohini asks Moloy for what good reason does he look glad.

He asks do I have any decision, Anurag did that you stated, I like Chobey, he is a decent man, he helped Anurag and Prerna.

She says my child was in prison in view of Prerna.

He goes to get a beverage.

Anurag’s jacket gets a start.

He searches for Prerna.

Anupam and Nivedita see the smoke.

Hireling yells about the fire.

Everybody leaves the house.

Prerna cries thinking about Anurag’s commitment.

He comes there.

She sees his jacket in the fire.

She gets stunned.

She requests that he evacuate the coat.

She brushes off the fire.

He asks how did this occur.

He says you could have let me know, you have hit me, its a decent day for me, you demolished my state of mind.

He supposes in light of the fact that I understood I Love you.

She supposes you got ready for marriage, I didn’t wish you.

She says too bad.

She compliments him for being great-hearted.

She says everybody confides in you, they realize you won’t make anyone extremely upset.

He reviews his commitment with Mishka.

He supposes Mishka confided in me, I need to advise my emotions to Mishka first and after that Prerna.

He expresses profound gratitude.

Prerna says how fired get up to speed with his jacket.

Mishka says Anurag would be inside.

Anupam asks what, I will get them, you go out.

Mishka says it implies Prerna is inside.

Prerna goes to Anurag.

He says you require help.

She says no.

He says great, solid free lady, when will you meet me.

She says I have some work at home, I will leave not long after subsequent to keeping these blankets in the vehicle.

He says fine, it’s alright, I will come to meet you if there is any work.

He goes.

Everybody stresses for Anurag.

Prerna hears the sound and goes to see.

She sees everybody and the fire.

Rajesh asks are you fine.

Prerna says yes.

Rajesh says we will get plant pipe here.

Shivani asks Prerna not to go anyplace, is she fine.

Prerna keeps running for Anurag.

Moloy asks where are you going, there is fire made up for lost time.

She says, Anurag.

Chobey requests Komolika and Mishka.

Moloy says they will be fine.

Prerna says I need to spare Anurag.

Shivani says I won’t let you go.

Prerna says leave my hand.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 24th January 2019 Episode End…

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