Read Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25th January 2019 | Anurag Confesses Love To Prerna | Written Episode Update

Read Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25th January 2019

The Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25th January 2019 Episode begins with Mishka searching for Anurag.

She gets burst inside the into flames and yells to Anurag for help.

Anurag comes hacking.

She sees Anurag and yells.

He rushes to her protect.

He says I will take you out securely.

Suman inquires as to whether anything happens at that point… Veena stops Suman and asks Shekhar to go and encourage them.

She reprimands Suman.

Mohini sees Anurag getting Mishka out.

She embraces Anurag.

Chobey embraces Mishka.

Anurag returns to help.

He asks where is Prerna.

Shivani says she went to spare you.

He says this young lady is distraught, you ought to have halted her.

She says no, I attempted a ton.

He returns.

Mohini yells to him.

He yells Prerna.

Prerna yells for him.

Anurag and Prerna get cheerful seeing one another.

He embraces her.

He inquires as to for what reason are you crying.

She says don’t have a clue,

indeed, even you are crying.

He says no, I m eased and glad in the event that anything transpired, didn’t you see this fire.

She asks didn’t you see it, I came to spare you.

He asks how, for what reason did you come, I went out in the wake of sparing Mishka, at that point Shivani enlightened me regarding you, don’t do such frenzy once more, accompany me.

They contend.

He says on the off chance that anything transpired… .

He spares her.

Anupam surges and hears Komolika yelling for help.

He goes to spare her.

She requests that he accomplish something.

He says I came to spare you, regard me, I m additionally frightened, I won’t abandon you here.

He attempts to pass over the fire.

Mohini stresses for Anurag.

Moloy asks her not to yell.

Mishka says possibly Anurag has gone to spare Komolika.

They see Anupam getting Komolika out.

She says I m fine.

Chobey expresses gratitude toward Anupam.

Nivedita looks on.

Shivani says Prerna has gone to spare Anurag, he has additionally gone to spare her.

Veena asks the end result for them, for what reason did they head inside.

Mishka hears them.

Prerna gets frightened and embraces Anurag.

He says don’t stress, nothing will transpire.

Laal ishq… .plays…

She races to get water.

Anupam asks Nivedita for what reason is she disturbed.

Nivedita admonishes him.

He says I needed to spare Komolika.

She questions him.

Mishka says Anurag went to spare Prerna.

Mohini hears them.

Anurag says this water won’t be sufficient.

Mohini reprimands Rajesh and Veena in view of Prerna.

She sobs for Anurag.

Veena says Prerna has gone to spare Anurag, even I m stressed for my little girl.

Rajesh agrees with Veena’s position and answers Mohini.

Mohini furiously goes.

Veena apologizes to Moloy.

Moloy says its fine, you didn’t state anything incorrectly.

Mishka asks Komolika to accomplish something.

Komolika says your Anurag will be yours, don’t stress.

Anurag says I don’t perceive any assistance around, what would we be able to do to spare ourselves.

He takes Prerna with him.

He puts the water on the cover.

She asks what’s going on with you.

He says we need to cover up under the stairs, we will get time, somebody will come to spare us, we will be spared from the fire.

They cover themselves with the cover.

He says the cover is splashed, it will encourage us, our folks will come, I need to disclose to you something.

She says truly, let me know.

He says you reveal to me first, I came to pandal for my mum’s chunri, I took a chance with my life to spare you, you didn’t ask me for what valid reason did I come.

She inquires as to for what reason did you come.

He closes eyes and says I have begun feeling something, I know it is anything but an ordinary thing.

He turns away and says I should reveal to Mishka that I don’t feel for her, I feel for you, I couldn’t advise anything to her, and we have come here, I figure I should disclose to you first, yes Prerna I m in Love with you, I Love you Prerna.

He turns and discovers her lying oblivious.

He gets stressed and requests that her open her eyes.

He asks what occurred… .

He yells for help.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25th January 2019 Episode End…

Precap: Navin says Prerna I have returned only for you. He holds her hand, sitting inside the emergency vehicle, while she lies oblivious.

Recap: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 24th January 2019 Powerd By Starplus

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