Read Kasautii Zindagii Kay 28th January 2019 | Navin Is Back | Written Episode Update

Read Kasautii Zindagii Kay 28th January 2019

The Kasautii Zindagii Kay 28th January 2019 Episode begins with Anurag lifting Prerna and getting her out.

Everybody remains stressed for Anurag and Prerna.

They see Anurag getting Prerna. Mishka gets annoyed.

Mohini cries seeing Anurag.

Veena asks the specialist how is Prerna. Specialist says she is fine,

she breathed in some smoke, no compelling reason to take her to the emergency clinic, you can take her home, keep the vehicle window open, I will give her an infusion, accompany me.

Navin is near.

Prerna is taken inside emergency vehicle.

Everybody escapes.

Navin goes to Prerna and says I m back, I have returned for you, you have something unique in you.

He holds her hand and pardons her. He reviews her.

Anurag says sorry, I needed to spare my companion Prerna.

Navin sees Anurag and says you can’t stop me, Prerna is made for me.

Navin says Madhuri is no more, she was envious of you, I didn’t care for it, there is nobody between us.

Mishka and Komolika come to Anurag.

Komolika asks Anurag where is his wedding band, did he offer it to Prerna also.

Anurag says no, I have protected it in room, I will go and see Prerna.

Moloy asks Anurag how are you and Prerna. Anurag says I m fine, I m going to see Prerna.

He gets stunned seeing somebody with Prerna.

He turns for some time.

Navin goes.

Anurag glances around.

He yells Maa, Baba… . I have seen Navin a little while ago.

Moloy, Rajesh and everybody surge and ask what.

Anurag says indeed, I just observed him, he was here holding Prerna’s hand.

Mohini says then discover him.

Everybody searches for Navin.

Mohini informs Mishka and her family regarding Navin, who would wed Prerna.

Komolika asks did Navin do this, I can’t trust this, father is conversing with a pastor, he masterminded the fire unit.

Mohini and Nivedita go to Anurag.

Mohini asks did you see his face.

Anurag says no, I have seen his hand, he was here.

Mohini says the manner in which you uncovered him, he can’t return.

Veena says Anurag said somebody held Prerna’s hand.

Mohini says Navin can’t return.

Specialist checks Prerna.

Anurag says I swear I won’t abandon him.

Navin in mask remains around.

Anurag and Anupam encourage specialist and get Prerna down the emergency vehicle.

Anupam sees Anurag considering and goes to him. He prods Anurag once more.

Anurag requests that he go and rest.

Anupam jokes and asks Anurag to convey what needs be obviously.

He says love has no limits, don’t dither.

Anurag says no, its past the point of no return, Prerna must rest, I would prefer not to irritate her.

Anupam says I will call her, its not odd for me.

He calls Prerna.

Prerna is dozing.

Shivani answers call.

He asks how is Prerna.

Anupam says Anurag is in pressure about her.

Shivani grins and says Prerna is fine, did Anurag say this.

Anupam says no, he is simply thinking to call or not.

Shivani says Anurag is my great companion, I will trust it, I know Anurag adores Prerna, he is simply bashful, imagine a scenario in which he got ready for marriage, it is important if two individuals feel for one another.

Anurag hears her.

He takes the telephone and converses with Shivani.

Prerna comes and takes the telephone from Shivani.

Anurag faculties this regardless of whether she doesn’t talk.

He asks Prerna.

She reacts.

Navin sees Prerna from far.

Prerna says I m feeling much improved.

Anurag says take rest, I will see you soon.

Anupam asks did the call detach.

Prerna detaches and grins.

Navin says Prerna…

She swings to see and goes.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 28th January 2019 End…


Moloy says you ought to have cherished somebody decent like Prerna. Anurag grins. Navin says I won’t leave Anurag. Anupam asks Anurag to go and admit love to Prerna. Komolika looks on.

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