Read Kasautii Zindagii Kay 29th January 2019 | Anurag Wants To Confess Love | Written Episode Update

Read Kasautii Zindagii Kay 29th January 2019

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 29th January 2019 Episode begins with
Anupam asking Anurag to admit his emotions to Prerna before it gets past the point of no return.

Anurag just tunes in to him.

Anupam says fine, I will call her once more.

Anurag hurries to stop him.

Moloy comes and asks what’s going on.

Anupam says really Mishka… .

Anurag says nothing.

Moloy says you ought to have loved a decent young lady.

Anupam says like Prerna.

Anurag gazes at him to stop.

Moloy says truly, Prerna.

Anurag grins and says, father…

Mohini comes and says I was calling you Moloy.

She asks Anupam and Anurag to rest.

She runs with Moloy.

Anurag asks Anupam to go.

Anupam says simply advise your emotions to Prerna, I don’t need any third individual to divide you.

Anurag says I will advise her at the perfect time.

Anupam goes.

Navin sees Prerna’s home.

Her dupatta flies down.

He reviews Prerna and says I heard both of you talking and needed to come to you, yet I m vulnerable, I will execute every one of them, simply observe.

Prerna considers Anurag.

Chalun mai jahan jaye tu… . plays… .

Anurag thinks about her and grins.

He supposes I didn’t realize this inclination can be so lovely,

I m in love.

She supposes your consideration is greater than love for me.

He trusts she likewise loves him.

She supposes I realize you stress for me, I m glad that you were with me, this inclination is so pleasant, wonderful than this life.

He says I m in love with those minutes with you are with me.

Shivani gets Anupam’s message.

She answers to him.

Anurag sees the room and says everything appears to be identical, none can say about the fire episode.

Anupam says indeed, who can say you are in love.

Anurag says bring down your voice.

Anupam says well done.

Anurag says I realize you will say it, however I m not intrigued.

Anupam says I realize what you did with Sid when he advised this to you,

Sid and I are closest companions now.

Anurag says right, I see.

He tosses pads at Anupam.

Anupam says you prevented me from talking, it implies you understood love for Prerna, you lost your rest, you didn’t rest during the evening and your eyes are red, I m beyond any doubt even her eyes would have turned red, when individual is in love, he loses every one of his detects, much the same as you.

Anurag says no, you referenced Prerna, were her eyes looking red, how could you know.

Anupam says Shivani has let me know, I revealed to her that you are in same state, what occurred, there was fire, how did the fire begin.

Anurag reviews.

Mishka is frightened seeing Komolika’s enthusiasm for Anurag and expectations she adheres to her words.

Mohini asks what occurred, is there any pressure, you perhaps feeling that Anurag spared Prerna, you are mixed up, they are simply companions.

Anupam says I have done all the setting, I advised Shivani to sincerely extortion Prerna, Prerna will go to blessing shop, you go there in the meantime and demonstrate its incident, you oversee everything, just you both will be there, express your sentiments to her, disclose to her that you love her a great deal.

Komolika hears them.

Anurag expresses profound gratitude, its love, this setting isn’t required.

Anupam asks don’t you love her.

Anurag says I didn’t disclose to you that I m in love with Prerna, and, after its all said and done you feel in this way, since I m in love, yes I love her.

Anupam grins.

Anurag says its not all that simple to express this inclination, at whatever point I go near her, I long to see her, I simply continue taking a gander at her, my pulse gets quick, it doesn’t stop, this inclination is totally unique, I m extremely cheerful, I need to invest energy with her, you anticipate that me should make a pleasant setup and propose her, I won’t most likely do it.

Komolika gets irate and considers them.

Shivani comes to Prerna and inquires as to for what reason are you perusing financial aspects.

Prerna says I m attempting.

Shivani requests that her go and get a card, being best sister.

Prerna says truly, yet… .

Shivani says get a card of closest companion.

Prerna inquires as to for what reason do you feel that I m declining to you and you aren’t battling with me.

Shivani says no.

Anurag leaves from his room and says at last, I will propose her today.

Komolika looks on and thinks Prerna is peering toward my sister’s satisfaction, not done.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 29th January 2019 Ends…

Precap: Prerna kisses on Anurag’s cheek. Navin yells Prerna has a place with me, I will slaughter everybody. Anurag waves to Prerna. Prerna gets hijacked. She yells Anurag. He pursues the vehicle.

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