Read Kasautii Zindagii Kay 6th February 2019 Full Written Episode : Anurag And Prerna Confess Love

Read Kasautii Zindagii Kay 6th February 2019

The Kasautii Zindagii Kay 6th February 2019 Episode begins with Komolika requesting that the monitor see Anurag’s pic.

Mishka comes there and sees them.

She gives Anurag’s subtleties and says nothing ought to happen to Anurag, leave Prerna in the wilderness, simply go.

He leaves.

Navin gets a bit of Prerna’s dupatta and embraces.

He says I realize they are here.

Anurag aids to Prerna’s feet.

She inquires as to for what reason are you doing this, for what reason are you taking a chance with your life, why.

Anurag says I m a moron.

I didn’t endeavor to recognize what does my heart need.

She asks what.

He says for what reason do I search for you and need to be with you, for what reason do I get fretful when you cry, for what reason would I simply like to see you cheerful, why.

She says for what reason do you generally talk this way, let me know obviously.

He says you are still not getting it.

He inquires as to for what reason didn’t you comprehend that I have begun cherishing you,

I don’t realize what love is, I m in love with you, I m deficient without you, I love you Prerna.

She cries joyfully. He says I don’t recognize what you think about me, possibly every one of the sentiments are from my side, I simply needed to express it, I m too bad.

She holds his face and asks would you be able to see it in my eyes, the amount I love you, you would never comprehend that at whatever point I m with you, I get glad, the dread of losing you, for what reason didn’t you comprehend, I love you, I have begun cherishing you more than you love yourself.

He grins.

She says you are my beginning and end, I love you.

He says I love you as well.

Chal diya… .plays… .

He kisses on her brow.

They embrace.

Mishka says you recall what you let me know, you would not grab Anurag from me, I m doltish right, I confided in you without fail, you broke my trust.

She says its loss to time to guarantee something that is not yours, in what capacity can a moronic young lady grab a person like Anurag when I m peering toward him, there’s something odd about him, the manner in which he takes a gander at me, he overlooks me, many folks can pass on for me, he doesn’t see me, in what capacity can I not love him, I endeavored to avoid him, I treated him like your life accomplice, you can’t deal with him, let me be content with him.

Mishka says I loathe you.

Komolika says its alright, loathe me, he will be your brother by marriage currently, don’t you set out interfere with us, I can’t stop myself now.

She goes.

Mishka cries.

Anurag asks what occurred.

Prerna cries.

She says I m cheerful that you came in my life, I m hurt inclination that we won’t almost certainly remain together, I wasn’t wedding Navin energetically, I needed to reveal to you the amount I love you, Mishka came in your life, I was separated, when you were going to express your sentiments, life brought another test before us, Navin, my past returned.

He says its alright.

She says I m hesitant to lose you.

He says calm, hear me out, let troubles come, I will battle, we will dependably be as one and face every one of the difficulties.

He says we need to confide in the fate, Mata got us together in pandal and favored us together, today we are remaining before Mata and told our affections for one another.

He takes her towards icon.

He gets some sindoor.

He says this is a guarantee, which a spouse makes to a wife, we will in every case live respectively, I need to end your dread, we are bound to be as one, I guarantee you holding this kumkum, regardless of euphoria, distress, great or awful occasions, we will dependably be as one, even time can’t separate us now, its my guarantee, no third individual will divide us.

He drops the kumkum and just applies her the tilak, yet kumkum goes in her maang as well.

He says I won’t break my guarantee, allow me seven days’ time, I will resolve everything, I will manage Mishka and Mohini for our love, I m clear now, my heart pulsates for you, I love you.

He asks her not to cry.

She grins.

He requests that her appreciate as much as she can, she will be moved toward becoming Mrs.

Prerna Basu following seven days.

He embraces her.

The Kasautii Zindagii Kay 6th February 2019 Episode ends

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