Kasautii Zindagii Kay 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update on hubfeed

Today’s KZK2 6 Mar episode starts with Mohini saying you will accompany me. Specialist thinks its not appropriate to converse with them at this moment. Mohini holds Anurag’s hand and requests that he come. He doesn’t move. Shivani surges. Veena asks where is Prerna. Shivani says Prerna has called me, a school fest is going on, I will go to her. She goes. Veena says I think Shivani is deceiving me, I need to go and check. Anurag says I would prefer not to ignore you. Mohini says you won’t hear me out. She says simply endeavor to comprehend what I need, Prerna needs me, I can’t disregard her.

Komolika thinks Anurag conflicted with his mum for Prerna. He says Prerna is my duty. She says your significant other is your duty, Komolika. He says Prerna is my first obligation and after that Komolika, Prerna needs me. Shivani comes to

the medical clinic. She supposes what will I tell Anurag, will I salute that he offended Prerna and wedded another person, or will I express gratitude toward him for leaving the gathering and getting Prerna here. Veena comes there and says I trust all is well.

Mohini says you are leaving everything for Prerna, multi day will come when she grabs your beginning and end, you will be left with nothing, aside from selling out. He says you aren’t understanding, Prerna’s destiny is trying her. Komolika says I think he is stating right, he is a decent individual and feels remorseful soon, he had offended Prerna, perhaps he is doing this to conquer his blame. He says you can never comprehend my and Prerna’s connection, you simply know business, our connection is about penance. Mohini says I can’t hold up under this, you are offending Komolika. He says I m not. She says you are offending your mum and family, you didn’t comprehend that she needed to break your commitment, I was going to bite the dust on account of her, you simply care for Prerna.

He says I do mind. She gets shy of breath and blacks out. He asks what occurred. He takes her to ward. Komolika says this Mohini aunt, I let you know, I didn’t expect this from Anurag, he got against his mum for Prerna. Mohini says I m fine, I just got bit tipsy. Anurag says this has been going on since a month, when she is focused. Mohini says I m fine. She gets up. He says simply take rest. Mohini asks Komolika will we go. Komolika asks in what manner will Prerna oversee here. Specialist says her sister and mother are here, don’t stress. Mohini says its arranged, will we. They leave. Anurag says I will deal with mum, specialist deal with Prerna.

Prerna gets cognizant. Shivani asks are you fine. Prerna cries and says I attempted a ton, however I neglected to stop his marriage, I figured I will implore him by keeping my morals and inner self, I couldn’t stop the marriage, I love him a ton, he is wherever around me. Veena comes and says on the off chance that you lie to me once more, I won’t extra you, its great I tailed you and got the chance to see Prerna’s genuine face, I feel terrible seeing Prerna. She asks Prerna how might she be prepared to ask for love. She asks did your confidence pass on, they don’t have anything to give, for what reason would you like to beseech them. She solicits her to get free from the agony, ladies has much power, when will you do equity with yourself, you had loved Anurag really, what’s the need to do this, never ask anybody for anything, never surrender what you legitimately merit, don’t bow down before the individuals who have offended you, quit crying, you need to get up and remain against the individuals who are against you, I will gladly say that I m Prerna Sharma’s mum, you need to quit crying and have confidence that no tempest can hurt you, somebody left you, will you break, no, you are Prerna, our motivation. She embraces Prerna and cries.

Komolika’s auntie praises Anurag. Nivedita asks Mohini is she alright. Mohini says I wish I trusted you before, its great Komolika and Anurag got hitched. Nivedita says Anurag still loves Prerna, I wish Navin and Prerna got hitched. Mohini says no, you can’t think that way. Nivedita says Navin would have kept Prerna route from us. Anupam signs Anurag. Anurag goes to him and asks is everything fine. Anupam says yes. Anurag says I was terrified for Prerna. Anupam embraces him. Prerna thinks about Anurag’s words. She gets furious. She says I need to face the individuals who are against me, I won’t ask for my rights, I will battle and not surrender.

The written update of 6 March 2019 Kasuti Zindagi Ki episode story ends.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 7 March 2019 Written Episode Update Precap: 
Prerna comes to Anurag’s house and claps. Anurag and everyone look at her. She says you will find out everything soon, I have to ask Anurag something.

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay Details

Anurag and Prerna belong to two different worlds but fall in love with each other. However, fate has other plans for them and wreaks havoc in their lives. It is a reboot of the 2001 series Kasautii Zindagii Kay. The original show aired between 2001-2008 with Shweta Tiwari, Cezanne Khan and Ronit Roy in the lead roles.

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