Read Kasautii Zindagii Kay 8th February 2019 Full Written Episode Update: Anurag And Prerna Romance

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 8th February 2019

The Kasautii Zindagii Kay 8th February 2019 Episode starts with Nivedita taking Komolika to Mohini.

Prerna goes to wipe the tilak and stops.

She reviews Anurag’s words.

He goes to her and says let it be, it looks great, consider it as pre declaration that you are mine, I simply this tika to remain here, I as it, don’t wipe it.

She grins.

He says I will apply this kumkum in your maang following seven days.

Deewani hogai… plays…

They embrace and grin.

He says we will remain together and bolster one another, in what manner will I go through the seven days without you, the minute when we will be in the mandap… .

Moloy comes and sees them.

Anurag says pandit will direct us the marriage customs, we will pledge to dependably be as one.

Moloy gets shocked and gets excited.

Anurag says we will take the seven rounds, at that point pandit will say cap marriage got finished.

He embraces Prerna.

Moloy dismisses and afterward observes them once more, getting upbeat and giving them kisses.

He supposes its great, what will I do now. He goes.

Anurag says don’t go, no… .

Shivani comes there and sees Anurag and Prerna’s sentiment.

She dismisses and grins.

Anurag says recollect a certain something, following seven days, I won’t let you go anyplace, you will dependably associate with me.

Shivani joyfully goes.

Moloy takes Rajesh to patio and sings.

He moves.

Rajesh says Mohini is unwell, you are clowning.

Moloy says I got you here to give uplifting news, you got advanced, you have turned into my relative, Anurag and Prerna… we used to imagine that they are guiltless, they are insidious.

Rajesh says like you, I know its your dramatization.

Moloy says no, I have saw them grasping one another and they were in love, Anurag proposed Prerna.

Rajesh asks what are you saying, do you mean he proposed Prerna.

Moloy says truly, she has recognized, I have seen this, it was my desire that they get hitched, my desire got satisfied, they are in love, Navin and Mishka isn’t between them, there is just love.

They snicker.

Moloy says it was so decent to watch them together, I m glad for Anurag, he knows staying faithful to his commitment, I will keep a similar guarantee, be set up to respect Anurag’s baraat, don’t advise this to Veena or anybody, you won’t go some other work, get pleasant suits sewed, did you get it, reveal to me how could you like the news, stop this senti show and move. They embrace.

Nivedita calls Moloy.

Anupam asks truly, you admitted love.

Anurag gestures.

Anupam gets happy and embraces him.

They see Nivedita.

Anupam says I additionally need to counsel a specialist.

Anurag requests that he take rest.

Nivedita asks Moloy for what reason does he look glad.

Moloy says no, I m stressed, Mohini is wiped out.

She goes.

Specialist comes and says Mohini is fine, we will get reports after lab tests.

Anurag says she was shuddering and blacked out.

Specialist says it occurs by viral disease or stress, deal with her.

Moloy asks Rajesh to recollect what he has told.

Prerna and her family leave.

Moloy grins seeing Anurag and Prerna’s eye lock.

Prerna goes.

Moloy gets some information about his companion, who was in love.

Anurag says I will reveal to you his name and present him, I m going to meet mum.

He goes.

Moloy grins.

Komolika says I have come to see Anurag and after that discovered that you are unwell, so I have come to see you.

Mohini thinks Mishka and Komolika are so sweet, I truly like her, Prerna made everything so confounded.

Komolika supposes I can supplant Prerna, I will constrain Anurag to love me.

Anurag comes to give prescriptions. Komolika gazes at him.

Mohini sees her and thinks Anurag is locked in to Mishka, at that point for what reason is she taking a gander at him in such a peculiar way.

Komolika says sorry, Mishka couldn’t come, she went in a gathering and got excessively drained, she thought to take rest.

She asks Anurag to take some rest.

She slams into him and grins.

He says too bad.

She goes.

Mohini supposes I feel she is keen on my Anurag.

Komolika considers Mohini.

Prerna misleads rest.

Shivani prods her and asks what occurred in the wilderness.

She says Anurag has admitted that he loves you, I have caught your discussion.

Prerna says this isn’t finished.

Shivani says for what reason don’t you reveal to me yourself.

Prerna says don’t let out the slightest peep now, Navin needed to wed me definitely, however Anurag took a chance with his life and spared me from Navin, we came up short on manufacturing plant and went inside the wilderness, I got injured, we needed to remain in sanctuary, Anurag made a lep and aided to my leg, I have asked him for what valid reason is he doing this, he spilled his heart out, he revealed to me the amount he loves me, he has connected this tika to me and guaranteed that he will wed me following seven days, he will converse with Mishka, Mohini, and sort out everything.

Shivani says I m so glad for you and embraces her.

Its morning, Mishka comes to meet Mohini.

Nivedita welcomes her and requests that her come.

Mishka says I have come to think about Mohini.

Nivedita says I m upbeat to see your worry.

Mishka goes.

Prerna prepares and calls Anurag.

She supposes to separate.

He replies.

She says I was calling another person.

He says it looks great on the off chance that you call me and talk, its fine, I will end the call.

She says no, I have called you.

He asks truly, for what reason did you say that you called accidentally.

She says no, really, its such an ungainly inclination, when we have love emotions, you comprehend what I mean.

He says I know, when you become flushed, you look so lovely, I think this pulls in me, and your grin… .

You look excellent, its affirmed that I m in love with you.

He sees Mishka at the entryway.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 8th February 2019 End..

Anurag says that bonding is missing between Mishka and me. Mishka says you cheated me. Anurag says no one will come between us. Komolika adds something in the food. Moloy gives it to Mohini. Mohini gets critical. Prerna gets shocked.

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay Details

Anurag and Prerna belong to two different worlds but fall in love with each other. However, fate has other plans for them and wreaks havoc in their lives. It is a reboot of the 2001 series Kasautii Zindagii Kay. The original show aired between 2001-2008 with Shweta Tiwari, Cezanne Khan and Ronit Roy in the lead roles.

Cast : 

  • Erica Fernandes (as Prerna)
  • Parth Samthaan (as Anurag)
  • Madhurima Tuli (as Komolika)

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