Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 23rd January 2019 | Sikander Apologies To Kulfi | Written Episode Update

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 23rd January 2019

The Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 23rd January 2019 Episode begins with  Amyra frightened because of railroad scene.

Kulfi strolls to her.

Amyra embraces her and asks are you alright, you were distant from everyone else,

You should be increasingly terrified and I was so broken seeing your shoe.

Kulfi says my baba could never think About me.

I’m progressively terrified now.

Sikander saw me yet at the same time didn’t spare me he spared his family,
I’m not his family, thus he didn’t spare me,Ma left me, mama, as well and now Sikander.

Amyra says I’m with you

Kulfi says I would have been dead, however in the event that Sikander knew I’m his girl he would have spared me, take your guarantee back,

I need to disclose to him he is my dad.

Amyra says no I’m sad I can’t do this.

I realize you terrified yet I can’t take this guarantee back
Kulfi says I didn’t anticipate that you should act along these lines, you carried on mean as well, I would have kicked the bucket without my dad and you as.

Yet carrying on childish and kulfi leaves.

Sikander sees kulfi leave lift and strolls to her with sustenance, and requests that she have nourishment.

Nimrat sees them.

Sikander says I won’t have sustenance as well in the event that you don’t, why so irate, I realize I committed a colossal error.

Kulfi says enough of this, for what reason ought to dependably I alter, I’m only a child and would be dead, I generally said I confide in you, I let you know ,you are my legend, you said you will never disregard me yet abandoned me, you were correct God spared me you didn’t, for what reason didn’t you spare me.

Sikander falls in her feet and says pardon me Kulfi, and begins crying, and says you didn’t everything for me, got satisfaction my life yet I hurt you, don’t excuse me, however, don’t quit conversing with me, I guarantee I won’t break any guarantee, kindly don’t do this to me.

Kulfi recollects that he didn’t spare her and flees and begins crying,
Sikander pursues her.

Kulfi converses with her mom and says Ma you were correct.

I don’t have anybody it was simply you yet you abandoned me as well.

Nimrat begins playing Veena.

Sikander sings a melody, and sits close to her.

Nimrat asks kulfi to sing, Kulfi doesn’t.

Sikander asks for her as well, Kulfi says I can’t, and leaves.
Stunning strolls to Sikander and says I was missing you, and you pick me I can’t trust.

Sikander says bliss in vanquishing 7 years of age.

Lovely says I simply needed to see your decision.

Sikander says and what you did you place kids in threat.

Lovely says I left Kulfi securely in transport I just carried Amyra with me.

Sikander says have you lost it you placed Amyra in danger.

Lovely says I didn’t understand.

Sikander says if my Kulfi would bite the dust.

Lovely, says I simply needed to see who you pick and for what reason is she everything to you.

Sikander says enough and gets irate and breaks everything.

Sikander says I pick you Lovely since it was the main alternative.
Kulfi was far away and you were nearer.

Kulfi is my life, I can’t envision my existence without her.

I can never pardon myself for not sparing her.

I would bite the dust, on the off chance that she would have kicked the bucket.

Lovely inquires as to whether I would pass on.

Sikander says despite everything you looking at.

Lovely says answer me.

Sikander doesn’t.

Lovely says alright, this family is no more, this marriage finishes here, and leaves.

Nimrat and kulfi see that.

Kulfi says this is the thing that flawless need.

Nimrat believes it’s such something to be thankful for, to the point that they are isolating I figured they will require significant investment however it happened so fast.

Nimrat viewed the news and being amped up for separation and Sikander being single and she calls Gunjan and helps her meet Sikander.

Nimrat concocts a rationalization to Gunjan that she ha child place to live so she can live with Sikander.

Gunjan succumbs to this and calls her to remain with them.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 23rd January 2019 Episode End…

Pre cap : Kulfi sees Pini and gets energized and says I adore and significantly Sikander, Nimrat says then give him at that point.

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