Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 28th January 2019 | Sikander Has Heart Attack | Written Episode Update

Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 28th January 2019

The Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 28th January 2019 Episode Start with Doctor treating Sikander,

Kulfi says god spare Sikander,

I can’t be separated from everyone else any longer,

first Ma then mom, presently not baba, and he doesn’t realize he is my dad,

Bebe Mohendar and others stressed for Sikander.

Kulfi says I must be with baba inside,

Kulfi sees Sikander falling, and gets terrified,

Kulfi asks for medical attendant to get her in,

Mohendar gets in a contention with medical caretaker,

Kulfi sneaks in, and nurture unconscious shuts the entryway.

Kulfi contacts sikanders feet, he opens his eyes takes a gander at her, and says kulfi,

Doctor sees sikanders heart beat falling.

Nimrat says to gunjan the day I saw him singing,

Music was Sikander to me,

At that point I met him in your marriage and cried a great deal since he was hitched,

He is vital for me.

Doctor says prepare ventilator he has less time,

Kulfi says no ways, you are my Baba you are going no where,

Doctor says take her out,

Kulfi says please wake up,

I’m not disturbed any longer,

if it’s not too much trouble wake up Baba, and in the event that you are running I’m accompanying you,

I will bite the dust on the off chance that you pass on,

sikander quits reacting,

Kulfi blacks out.

Doctor requests to inspect kulfi as well,

doctor checks her heart beat and says she isn’t relaxing.

Bebe appealing to spare Sikander.

Sikander and kulfi in same activity theater being dealt with.

Kulfi winds up in the garden again and begins searching for Sikander,

She hears sikander singing,

She begins searching for him and powerless to discover,

Begins singing,

Sikander begins searching for her,

Both store one another, and extremely upbeat, s

Sikander and kulfi keep running towards one another.

Sikander much love her,

Sikander says you came here also for me, you shouldn’t love somebody such a great amount of, return,

Kulfi says I would prefer not to live without you return,

Sikander says not me I have done as such much wrong hurt such huge numbers of individuals, likewise harmed you, you return I’m an awful man,

Kulfi says you are my legend, saint’s aren’t awful,

Sikander says I’m worn out,

Kulfi says then they enjoy reprieve and not quit,

Sikander says kulfi don’t,

Kulfi says Ma left me even you will Baba,

Sikander asks what did you say,

Kulfi says yes baba, my mom Nimrat and you are my dad,

Sikander recollects Nimrat, and says my Nimrat said she will keep every one of my things near her, you are my Kulfi, my nimrats little girl, h

ow wouldn’t I be able to remember you,

my music remembered you yet eyes proved unable.

Sikander embraces Kulfi, and inquires as to why didnt you let me know previously,

kulfi says on the grounds that I had guaranteed somebody, however at this point I can yell at best of my voice that you are my dad.

Doctor treating kulfi and Sikander together.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 28th January 2019 Ends…

Precap: Lovely strolls in with Amyra in the medical clinic and says you couldn’t advise me about him, where is he, Mohendar says you can’t see him, Lovely says I’m his better half, Bebe says you aren’t. Kulfi says how about we go, Sikander says I’m attempted.

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