Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 29th January 2019 | Sikander Out Of Danger | Written Episode Update

Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 29th January 2019

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 29th January 2019 Start With Sikander and kulfi getting to know one another,

Kulfi sees the entire and recollects Nimrat sending her and says how about we be speedy baba,

Sikander says I’m attempted please go and my love is all over is no love for me in that world,

Kulfi says I’m there and I will give all of you the love,

Amyra loves you as well and even Lovely,

Kulfi acknowledges and says me and amyra are there for you and you will overlook your distresses, if it’s not too much trouble desired us,

I called you Baba yet I need to call you Baba infront of everybody ,

we will be family no 1,

Sikander says guarantee,

Kulfi says yes how about we go now.

Kulfi and Sikander relax,

Specialist says they are fine at this point,

Kulfi opens her eyes and takes a gander at Sikander,

Sikander opens his eyes and takes a gander at her, both grin,

Specialist calls Sikander and says I made a marvel again in view of you I figured I wouldn’t spare you,

As your heart beat ceased so did kulfis breath and with you even she returned.

Specialist turns out and tells everybody Sikander and kulfi are fine at this point.

Sikander and kulfi lying together,

Sikander says I imagined and it was pretty I don’t recollect it totally however you were there and you called me Baba,

Also, I sensed that I earned everything,

I know I’m not so fortunate to be your dad but rather of your dad was here,

Indeed, even he would state I love you the most and in case I’m alive this is a result of you, on the off chance that you weren’t there I would,

Kulfi stops him,

Kulfi supposes I guaranteed amyra however one day you will get familiar with reality and we will acknowledge each other as dad little girl.

Bebe strolls in with Mohendar and gunjan and sees kulfi and Sikander sleeping together,

Sikander welcomes everybody and says I’m alive on account of her and she guaranteed me glad family and in the event that she said she will get it going,

Amyra and lovely terrified land at emergency clinic, searching for Sikander,

She sees Mohendar and inquires as to for what reason didn’t you illuminate me,

He says you can’t see him,

Lovely says he is my better half who will stop me, I

‘m his better half,

Bebe says no you aren’t, we did as such a lot to tackle your issues yet not any longer, enough of it,

Lovely state later however please given me a chance to see him or else I,

Mohendar says you will push Bebe as you did with gunjan,

Regardless I excused you,

I thought about you as my sister however this time it’s Sikander.

Lovely says please given me a chance to see him, all prevent Lovely from meeting Sikander and request that her leave,

Kulfi watching them,

Amyra asks dadi it would be ideal if you

Bebe says you can see your dad, nobody can take your rights, you are my Amyra.

Nimrat strolls to Sikander with tablets,

Kulfi around as well,

Amyra strolls in,

Nimrat leaves subsequent to giving tablets,

Sikander calls amyra close and embraces her, he wipes her tears and says your father is fine,

Amyra indicates him get well before long card,

Sikander says really simply like my princess,

Amyra says you rest I will descend later,

Amyra says I love you and leaves.

kulfi pursues her.

Kulfi says you made such lovely card for what reason did you include my name in it,

Amyra says in light of the fact that I didn’t need father to think about our fights,and get strained,

Kulfi asks when did we battle,

Amyra says now, you made my mother dismal, on the off chance that somebody annoys my mother she isn’t my companion, we aren’t companions any longer.

Bebe crying over sikanders wellbeing,

Gunjan and Bebe see nimrat checking with specialist,

Gunjan says Sikander is vexed and heart broken, drugs will fix him in what manner will his heart,

Kulfi hears them and later strolls to Sikander and lies around with him,

What’s more, says gunjan aunt said you had assault since you are Herat broken is that valid, and she

said prescriptions won’t fix it, and your heart is broken in light of the fact that I carried on impolite after railroad occurrence right, I’m trouble maker,

Sikander says it’s not you another person did,

Kulfi says however I will enable you to fix, yet you should help me,cry out don’t keep your distresses inside state, Ma use to state crying makes a difference,

Mohendar hears them and strolls in and says kulfi let him rest for at some point, Kulfi leaves,

Mohendar says even that kid realizes how much in torment you are, and you implied lovely right,

Sikander says truly,

Kulfi hears that and leaves.

Sikander says lovely had called me,and tells about railroads episode,

Mohendar in stun in the wake of hearing that,

Sikander says for what reason does she generally need to contend with Kulfi and for this she dangered kids,

Mohendar asks what will you do, is there any opportunity of getting back together.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 29th January 2019 ends…

Precap : Lovely says till Sikander says lovely and Sikander are no more I will have a hard time believing, Sikander says lovely I pick kulfi and end our marriage.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 28th January 2019 Powerd By Starplus

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