Naagin 3 10th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Naagin 3 10th March 2019 Written Episode Update on hubfeed

Today’s Nagin 3 10 March episode starts with

Bela and Mahir taking marital promises. Mahir fills Bela’s hairline with sindur and makes her wear the mangalsutra.

Bela demonstrates the property papers to Sumitra and states that she claims half of the property according to Andy’s will.

Bela reviews her past recollections with Mahir on contacting her room. She says she can’t live without him. Mahir says he will never abandon her.

Bela says she needs to satisfy the three states of Lord Shiva to break Huzoor and Hukum’s riddle.

Ruhi asks counterfeit Krish otherwise known as Juhi to go to Bela and confound her. She gives a fluid to him and solicits him to blend a drop from it in Bela’s sustenance consistently.

Juhi comes to Bela and illuminates her about Ruhi’s arrangement. Bela and Mahir head towards Ruhi.

Sumitra discovers that Ruhi has gone to meet Hukum. She asks Yuvi to keep a check. Yuvi goes to Krish’s room.

Mahir and Bela achieve Ruhi’s mystery place. They neglect to enter the Zinda cavern.

Yuvi sees Juhi’s picture on the mirror. He feels that Krish has paid off Juhi to end up his carbon copy.

Bela chooses to enter the cavern. Mahir stops her.

Bela persuades him and enters the cavern camouflaged as a butterfly.

Hukum educates Huzoor regarding the three conditions which Bela needs to satisfy. He expresses that the primary condition for Bela is to enter the cavern.

The second condition is to see his face.

Yuvi goes to Bela’s room. He discovers Mahir and Bela in the washroom. Yuvi questions Krish about Juhi. Counterfeit Krish controls Yuvi.

Counterfeit Krish and Bela are Vikrant and Vish who did this to trick Yuvi.

Hukum traps butterfly Bela. Bela comes in her unique symbol. Bela hits Huzoor and Hukum. Bela sees Hukum’s face.

Huzoor and Hukum vanish before Bela could total the third condition.

Abruptly, Bela gets caught in the flame. Mahir feels that Bela is in threat and gets stressed over her.

Mahir enters the cavern to spare Bela. Mahir neglects to see the flame. Bela says this is an otherworldly flame. Mahir hops inside the flame circle.

Mahir salvages Bela from the flame. The two land in a pool of water. Bela and Mahir spend sentimental minutes together.

The written update of 10th March 2019 Naagin 3 episode story ends.

The written episode of season 3 Nagin episode: 
Bela gets trapped in the fire.

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