Naagin 3 17th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Naagin 3 17th March 2019 Written Episode Update on hubfeed

Today’s Nagin 3 17 March episode starts with Bela and Vikrant assaulting their foes. Hukum seizes Bela and vanishes with her.

Sumitra observes Huzoor’s demise. Sumitra asks Yuvi to dump Ruhi’s dead body in a dustbin.

Vikrant and Vishaka are stressed over Bela. They scan for her all over. Vikrant reveals to Vishaka that Hukum is an exceptionally unsafe animal groups who is conceived unique.

Vikrant is sure that Bela will most likely win over Hukum as she is honored with Lord Shiva’s forces.

Bela transforms into a snake and leaves.

Bela comes to Mahir. Mahir gets passionate seeing Bela back. In the mean time, Vish and Vikrant return. They reveal to Mahir that Bela has disappeared.

Bela descends. She questions Vishaka about her damage. Vikrant questions her. Bela conceals the circumstance with a falsehood.

Genuine Bela is caught by Hukum. Hukum requests that her bear his kid in her belly. He discloses to her that he has sent a phony Bela to Sehgal house.

Bela counters him by saying that Mahir will perceive her.

Counterfeit Bela talks discourteously with Mahir when he endeavors to support her. Mahir gets an uncertainty. Mahir educates Vikrant that the one in their home is phony Bela. Vikrant informs Vishaka concerning the equivalent.

Mahir, Vishaka, and Vikrant trap counterfeit Bela. They question her identity and why she is here. Mahir questions her about his Bela. Counterfeit Bela vanishes.

Mahir chooses to discover Bela. Vishaka and Vikrant endeavor to stop him.

Bela challenges Hukum to demonstrate her his face. Bela gets terrified to see a fireball as Hukum’s face. Hukum spells Bela and requests that her leave.

Vikrant, Vishaka, and Mahir look for Bela in the wilderness. Mahir alarms when he neglects to discover Bela. All of a sudden he discovers Bela lying oblivious.

Bela, Mahir, and others return to Sehgal house. Bela says she knows nothing about Hukum when Vishaka gets some information about Hukum.

Mahir comes to Bela and gets some information about her stress. Bela misconstrues Mahir and gets irate on him. Bela requests that he disregard her.

Vishaka asks Vikrant and Mahir to trust Bela. Vikrant feels that Hukum is pressurizing Bela to keep mum.

Bela hurries to apologize to Mahir for talking discourteously with him. Bela sees a man wearing a hood in the house.

Before she could hit him, the man stops her. Mahir discloses to Bela that he is Ritvik, his sibling.

The written update of 17th March 2019 Naagin 3 episode story ends.

The written episode of season 3 Nagin episode: 

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