Naagin 3 3rd March 2019 Written Episode Update

Naagin 3 3rd March 2019 Written Episode Update on hubfeed

Today’s Nagin 3 3 March episode starts with Bela tending to Krish as Mahir. She says he can’t conceal reality from her. Krish rejects her case by saying that he is Krish.

Bela attempts to persuade Krish to stop his diversion and uncover reality. Krish feels hesitant to leave Bela. The two offer looks.

Kuhu and Andy gain their faculties. Yuvi and Alekh come there and begin tormenting them. They urge Andy and Kuhu to go with them.

Mahir returns to the wedding mandap. Ruhi and Mahir prepare to get married.

Kuhu and Andy ask for Bela to stop the wedding. Bela says she has left everything on Lord Shiva. Bela, Vishaka, and Vikrant offer supplications before shiv ling.

They make a great deal of clamor while offering supplications. Sumitra and her group attempt to stop them however come up short. Hukum hits Bela and her partners and stops their supplications.

Seeing Andy in a hopeless condition, Mahir comes to him furtively. Andy kicks the bucket.

Bela asks Panditji to do Lord Shiva’s abhishek first. She reproaches Ruhi and difficulties her to battle with her.

Ruhi and Bela enter in a dangerous battle. They utilize their forces on one another. Ruhi discards Bela which makes her oblivious.

Seeing Bela losing her fight, Mahir goes to her.

He asks Bela to wake up and battle her fight. He admits his love to her and says he needs her.

Ruhi heads towards the mandap with Mahir. Bela awakens and assaults Ruhi. She throttles Ruhi however all of a sudden Ruhi vanishes.

Aghori baba comes there and says these mystical animals can’t bite the dust so effectively. The shiv ling favors Bela with the uncommon forces to murder Hukum and Huzoor.

Hukum questions Sumitra about Ruhi’s lucky man. Sumitra says he is Krish.

Some time back: Sumitra sees Krish in the market. She accumulated all the data about Krish and chose to utilize him as a ploy.

Sumitra asks Krish to trick Bela and go into her life as Krish. She requests that he assume a twofold job of Krish and Mahir in Bela’s life.

Present: Sumitra endeavors to persuade Hukum that the kid is Krish and not Mahir. Hukum throttles Sumitra.

Sumitra shares her indignation on Huzoor before Yuvi. She says she won’t extra Bela this time.

Bela is certain that Krish is Mahir. She tells Vish and Vikrant that she will discover Mahir’s motivation to help Ruhi.

The written update of 3rd March 2019 Naagin 3 episode story ends.

The written episode of season 3 Nagin episode: Bela and Mahir share a warm hug.

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