Naagin 3 9th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Naagin 3 9th March 2019 Written Episode Update on hubfeed

Today’s Nagin 3 9 March episode starts with Sumitra requesting Krish to get hitched to Ruhi. Krish says he is prepared for the wedding. Vikrant, Bela, Vish, and Kuhu come there.

Sumitra gets maddened seeing them and requests that they go out. Bela will not leave. Bela educates Sumitra that she is getting hitched to Krish.

Sumitra comes to Ruhi and advises her about Bela wedding Krish. Ruhi gets cheerful in light of the fact that she feels that Bela has fallen in her snare.

Bela converses with herself and says that she is glad as her arrangement is functioning admirably. She says she generally realized that Mahir can never bite the dust.

Krish goes to Bela’s live with a great deal of blessings. Bela embraces Krish. The couple shares an enthusiastic minute. She questions Mahir about his arrangement.

Mahir discloses to Bela that her love spared him from the lethal flame. He states how he tricked Sumitra and presented himself as Krish.

Mahir apologizes to Bela for misleading her. He includes that he knows nothing about Huzoor and Hukum.

Mahir advises Bela that Sumitra is doing this to influence her to lose her psychological equalization. Bela and Mahir spend comfortable minutes together.

Ruhi and Bela prepare for their wedding.

Sumitra shares her perplexity with Ruhi. Ruhi says she has an ideal intend to trick Bela.

Bela discloses to Vishaka that she is prepared with her arrangement.

Ruhi and Bela go to the wedding mandap. Ruhi and Vishaka get into chitchat. The minister requests that they call the husband to be.

Mahir and his clone go to the wedding setting. Ruhi and her pack stand dumbstruck seeing Mahir’s doppelganger.

Bela presents Krish as her man of the hour. Ruhi questions counterfeit Krish about her mystery code to learn on the off chance that he is genuine Krish. Counterfeit Krish discloses to Ruhi that this is his arrangement to trick Bela.

Some time back: Bela illuminates Mahir about her arrangement through which they will get Ruhi wedded to his carbon copy.

Naagin3 Present: The wedding ceremonies start.

Nagin3 Past: Vikrant says he will mask as phony Mahir and get hitched to Ruhi. All of a sudden, Juhi comes there and says that she will end up phony Mahir.

Naagin 3 Present: Juhi and Ruhi complete the wedding ceremonies. Bela and Mahir take the marital promises.

The written update of 9rd March 2019 Naagin 3 episode story ends.

The written episode of season 3 Nagin episode:
Bela gets trapped in the fire.

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