Naagin 3 Written Update 24th February 2019 Ruhi enters as Huzoor

Naagin 3 24th February 2019 Written Episode Update on hubfeed

Today’s Nagin 3 23 Feb episode starts with Sumitra going into Sehgal house. Bela feels that somebody has gone into the house. Krish spares Bela from getting captured.

Krish educates Bela about how he deceived the specialist and spared himself. He likewise enlightens her regarding the look of the adversaries whom he found in the house.

Vikrant and Vishaka set themselves free and surge towards the haveli to meet Bela.

Sumitra scans for Bela inside the house however comes up short. Bela and Krish prevail with regards to getting away from them. Huzoor’s partners tail them.

Bela drives Krish to haveli subsequent to fleeing from Huzoor’s goons. On their way, Krish and Bela examine Ichchadhari Naagins.

Bela attempts to prevent Krish from going with her inside the haveli, yet Krish will not hear her out. Krish gets terrified of seeing the snakes.

Abruptly, Bela transforms into her Naagin symbol before Krish. She says Ichchadhari Naagins is a reality. Bela states that she is here to discover what these snakes are up to today around evening time.

A few snakes come to Bela and will not address her as their Naagrani. They endeavor to assault Bela. Bela and Krish ward off with them.

Vishaka and Vikrant additionally battle with the snakes and secure Bela. Krish spares Bela from getting cut by a snake.

Afterward, Krish stops halfway, while Bela, Vish, and Vikrant push forward.

They go to a corridor where another woman is being delegated as Naagrani.

Sumitra ridicules at Bela for losing her Naagrani status. Sumitra says the snakes from her family have repudiated her as their Naagmani as they feel she has bamboozled them.

Bela questions Sumitra about Huzoor. Huzoor descends. Vikrant and Vishaka discover Huzoor’s voice like somebody.

Huzoor reveals her face. Bela, Vish, and Vikrant motivate stunned to consider Ruhi to be Huzoor. Bela calls Ruhi a con artist. She says she is utilizing her personality to trick others.

Bela portrays her story before everybody. Ruhi says Bela is lying and she has utilized her face to get the Naagrani status.

Vishaka and Vikrant support Bela. Ruhi endeavors to counter them also. Different snakes support Ruhi and acknowledge her as their Naagrani.

They address Bela as a miscreant. Ruhi says she needs everything again from Bela.

Ruhi approaches Bela and admits that her tears are phony and that she is lying. No one trusts Bela when she attempts to educate others concerning Ruhi’s fact.

Ruhi incites different snakes against Bela.

The written update of 24 February 2019 Naagin3 episode story ends.

The written episode of season 3 Nagin episode: Mahir is back.

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