Nazar 25th February 2019 Written Update

Nazar 25th February 2019 Written Episode Update on hubfeed

Today’s Nazar 25 Feb episode starts with Dilruba says to family that I will come later, you will give me a chance to play with infant? They gesture. Dilruba moves toward becoming bat and leaves. She covers up in house and says I wont leave infant. Vedsheree requests that family go to mandir, I will deal with child in house. Infant grins at Piya. Piya says he grins at me and flutter his eyelashes. She embraces child.

Nazar 25th February 2019

Saanvi goes to Ganga’s home. She meets her mom Durga. Saanvi inquires as to whether they were fine in room that we secured you? Durga says I dont recall that anything. Saanvi says your child is an underhanded animal, he expelled your memory. Durga says dont state garbage. Saanvi says consider the possibility that I demonstrate that your child seized a young lady. She comes to corner however doesnt discover any young lady there. Saanvi leaves with Naman and Priest.

Nazar 25th February

A man comes in Vedsheree’s home. She says who are you? Dilruba assaults her. She swoons. Man says I have a pen. They open it and persuade infant to come inside. Child is slithering yet doesnt go inside pen. Dilruba requests that man snatch him however child disappears. Saanvi says to minister that animal evacuated their recollections. How to battle him? Nishant comes there with Mohana and says I know.

Nazar 25 February 2019

Dilruba requests that man get child from otherside of divider. Mohana goes to Durga’s home in cloak and begin filling in as hireling. Nishant watches Mohana on screens and says she cannot run, He says I have put witch tree establishes in her feet and she cannot do anything.

Mana attempts to get infant again however his hands begin consuming. Sound moves his hands and man gets slapped. He gets mixed up. Infant tosses flour on him. Man comes to Dilruba in unsteady state. Dilruba says you couldnt get an infant? I will get him. Nishant says in the event that Mohana endeavors to break her underlying foundations, at that point.. Mohana endeavors to contact roots yet gets current. Nishant says she is in my control.

Nazar 25 February

Dilruba comes to infant however he makes twists hit to her. Mohana is working animal’s home. She discovers a few papers. Animal comes to Mohana, she loses papers. Saanvi sees it on screen and says he will slaughter her. Animal tosses Mohana from window. She is tumbling down. Nishant says let me think something. He breaks her foundations. Mohana recovers her forces and uses her mesh to go down on floor.

Family returns home. They sees Vedsheree blacked out and wake her up. Man is fleeing. Avi stops him. Vedsheree says he came here with a confine, somebody hit me on head. Piya says I think he is a cheat. Man says no.. truly I am a cheat. Avi removes him. Naman says we gave Mohana her forces back.

Mohana says they figure they favored on me however I am of nobody. She attempts to leave however gets ceased. Nishant reveals to Naman that regardless I have her tied with roots.

The written update of 25 February 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Nazar 26 February 2019 Precap:
Ansh and Piya sees their baby between zombies. They are about to attack him but he climbs on bus. Mohana grabs baby and says now nobody can save him.

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Nazar Details 

Nazar is an Indian television show on Star Plus which is being produced by Gul Khan’s 4 Lions Film. The production house is famous for producing popular shows like Qubool Hai (Zee TV) and Ishqbaaz (Star Plus). The show is running on the daily format (Monday – Friday ) and will have Harsh Rajput as the male lead of Nazar serial.

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