Nazar 25th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Nazar 25th March 2019 Written Episode Update on hubfeed

Today’s Nazar 25 Mar episode starts with Vedashri chuckling at Piya for confiding in her. Piya attempts to influence her to recall her past. Vedashri states that now she is only a Daayan.

Vedashri culls out her hair strand and binds it to the Daayan vriksh. The hair strand gets changed over into a choti.

Tara goes to her room. She discloses to Jaya that she will leave this spot in light of the fact that Mayank is compromising her. Jaya says she knows a protected spot.

Vedashri says she will change over Piya into a Daayan. She puts the choti in Piya’s mind. All of a sudden, Vedashri gets a stun and tumbles down. Piya vanishes.

Whenever Tara, Jaya, and Koyal begin leaving alongside their baggage, Jaya and Koyal black out. Mayank comes to Tara.

Tara addresses him for disturbing her. Mayank says Jaya and Koyal are bearing the situation of her slip-up. Mayank says no one but he can spare her family.

Mayank extorts Tara for Jaya and Koyal’s life. He asks her not to advise anything to Avinash.

Amid the Holika dahan, Vedashri demonstrates her Daayan symbol to Rathod family. She expresses that she is an Ekayan. Ansh questions her about Piya.

Vedashri inquiries back Ash about Piya. She discloses to Ansh that Piya transformed into fiery remains when she planted the Daayan choti on her head.

Tara conceals Koyal and Jaya’s body from Avinash. Avinash feels something incorrectly in Tara’s conduct yet Tara abstains from revealing to him anything.

Ansh questions Vedashri for picking incorrectly over right. Vedashri says she is amazing thus she is a victor.

Nishant, Saavi, and Naman see Tara and Divya on the taral paper.

Mayank coerces Tara to consent to his condition to spare Jaya and Koyal. Tara consents to pursue his condition.

Nishant discovers that the rakshas bottom is inside Tara’s body. Nishant says Tara can’t give the bottom to anybody however her significant other.

The written update of 25 March 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Nazar 26 March 2019 Precap: 
Piya comes in her Daayan avatar.

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Nazar Details 

Nazar is an Indian television show on Star Plus which is being produced by Gul Khan’s 4 Lions Film. The production house is famous for producing popular shows like Qubool Hai (Zee TV) and Ishqbaaz (Star Plus). The show is running on the daily format (Monday – Friday ) and will have Harsh Rajput as the male lead of Nazar serial.

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