Nazar 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Nazar 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update on hubfeed

Today’s Nazar 5 Mar episode starts with Rathods’ endeavoring to stop Mohanna. Mohanna utilizes her forces and discards them. She begins eating Munna.

Rathods’ motivate stunned to see that Munna depleted away Mohanna’s forces. Mohanna tumbles down. Piya assaults Mohanna with her trishul however the trishul stops in halfway.

Ansh’s endeavor to assault Mohanna with trishul additionally falls flat. Vedashri says no one but Munna can murder Mohanna.

At the point when Munna tosses the trishul on Mohanna, her body begins consuming. Mohanna’s body transforms into fiery debris.

Nishant tells Saavi and Naman that Asuransh can’t achieve the secret young lady as he has concealed her in the sanctuary’s storm cellar.

They choose to discover a book which can educate them about the technique to shroud the Asuransh’s sign.

Vedashri supports Ansh who is disturbed on Mohanna’s demise. Vedashri and Ansh channel Mohanna’s powder into the water.

A young lady comes and gets Mohanna’s choti and leaves.

While returning back home, Ansh and his family discover Ruby lying oblivious out and about.

Ansh won’t support her.

Vedashri and Piya choose to support Ruby. Piya faculties some sort of danger around them. Ruby awakens and gets some information about their prosperity.

Ruby neglects to recall what everything she did to Piya. Ansh neglects to trust Ruby. Piya says Munna will let them know whether Ruby is honest or not.

Piya says if Ruby will hold Munna and on the off chance that he won’t transform into stone, at that point it will demonstrate that Ruby is honest.

In the interim, a green-peered toward individual watches out for Rathod family from far.

Piya requests that Ruby touch Munna. At the point when Ruby contacts Munna, he doesn’t transform into a stone. Ansh leaves with Munna.

Piya requests that Ruby join her to Rathod house.

Naman finds out about a Chhalayan daayan who harps on the human body like a parasite. In the interim, a Chhalayan Daayan sits on Shekhar’s neck.

The written update of 5 March 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Nazar 6 March 2019 Precap:
Ruby senses the presence of some evil soul inside Rathod house

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Nazar Details 

Nazar is an Indian television show on Star Plus which is being produced by Gul Khan’s 4 Lions Film. The production house is famous for producing popular shows like Qubool Hai (Zee TV) and Ishqbaaz (Star Plus). The show is running on the daily format (Monday – Friday ) and will have Harsh Rajput as the male lead of Nazar serial.

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