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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 30th January 2019

The Kasautii Zindagii Kay 30th January 2019 Episode begins with Komolika and Navin talking over telephone.

She says you are frightened and frail, you couldn’t deal with a straightforward young lady like Prerna, individuals chuckle on you.

She affronts him to incite him.

He says I love Prerna a great deal, I will simply get her in any case.

She says then pick up the pace, else Anurag will remove her, he will propose her.

Navin gets stunned.

She separates and says I have affected him.

He tosses things in displeasure and says you don’t recognize what I can do, I won’t leave anybody, Prerna is mine.

Anurag achieves the shop.

He envisions Prerna kissing on his cheek.

Dekho na… .plays… .

Prerna envisions Anurag and grins.

Monitor requests that he leave the vehicle away.

He sees Prerna in her and grins.

He says sorry and recovers his vehicle.

Prerna envisions him as auto driver and grins.

Komolika says Anurag and Prerna are in love, I was so furious knowing this, I got need Prerna in his life, I trust this present story’s next part is composed indistinguishable path from I have thought.

Mishka stresses.

Anurag peruses a card and thinks Prerna, I m in love with you, I will reveal to you I love you Prerna.

Prerna comes and sees him.

She supposes am I envisioning him once more.

She asks the woman and goes joyfully.

Anurag sees her and waves.

She gets captured by goons and yells Anurag.

Anurag sees this and pursues the vehicle.

He tumbles down.

He takes somebody’s bicycle and pursues the vehicle.

Prerna cries.

She asks who are you, where are you taking me.

The goon says we are approached to seize you.

She inquires as to why.

She reviews Shivani’s words.

She considers on the off chance that I get an opportunity, I will reveal to Anurag the amount I love him.

Shivani thinks to call Anurag.

He finds Shivani’s call and solutions.

She asks did Prerna meet you.

He says somebody captured Prerna, I m pursuing her, illuminate this at home.

She inspires stunned and hurries to tell everybody.

Veena gets juice.

Shivani says let me go, hear me out, Prerna got grabbed.

Veena drops the glass and tumbles down.

Shivani says don’t stress, I will get her.

Goon calls Navin.

He says we got the young lady, a person is tailing us.

Navin asks who is that person.

He hears Prerna yelling Anurag.

He says awesome, he won’t abandon you, I realize that.

Goon inquires as to for what reason are you startling me.

Navin says I m saying reality, I will reach soon.

A vehicle comes in the middle.

Anurag hits the vehicle and tumbles down.

Veena advises this news to everybody.

Navin is en route.

Anurag pursues the goons once more.

Prerna cries.

Navin says I can see you, don’t stress for this person, I m coming.

He goes to hit Anurag.

Prerna yells Anurag.

Anurag falls over the vehicle and tumbles down.

Goons tie her up.

Individuals race to help Anurag.

They check Anurag.

Navin checks Anurag and requests that they take him to huge medical clinic.

He says I think you need to pass on soon.

He says I will mastermind a specialist, get him.

He leaves.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 30th January 2019 Episode Ends…

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