Read Kasautii Zindagii Kay 4th February 2019 Full Written Episode. Anurag Gets Caught By Navin

Read Kasautii Zindagii Kay 4th February 2019

The Kasautii Zindagii Kay 4th February 2019 Episode begins with Navin raising the hand on Prerna.

He requests that she smile while she sits in the mandap.

He requests that she prepare quick.

Anurag thinks this is the place from where they have hijacked Prerna.

He reviews her.

Prerna prepares.

A woman causes her spruce up.

Anurag achieves the place and searches for a few signs.

He says I have met with a mishap here.

The woman says I will take you to mandap and get you wedded to Navin if you don’t mind accompanying me, its matter of my little girl’s life.

Prerna concurs and runs with her.

Anurag gets the chance to see a similar van and reviews the number.

He supposes Prerna ought to be inside this industrial facility.

He goes in and sees some good resting.

He checks the production line.

He sees her and yells Prerna.

Navin sings and gets glad seeing Prerna.

He goes to her and says you despise my love and I love your loathe.

She says I m not prepared for marriage, you have the duty to this woman, so I m here, presently leave the woman’s girl.

Navin concurs and says I give your girl back, simply go now.

He asks pandit to sit and go the demon work.

He says I like you, you make penances for other people, however, why.

She says on the grounds that I confide in myself since I generally do the right, you won’t prevail with regards to wedding me.

Anurag gets in and sees goons.

Navin says its wrong, it will happen something else.

He asks are you in love with somebody, do you love Anurag.

She yells truly, I m in love with him, I couldn’t let him know as he is focused on Mishka, I love him a great deal.

Anurag escapes goons.

Navin says reveal to me its a lie.

Prerna says its reality, I love Anurag Basu and will love him always, I can never get hitched.

Navin says you should get hitched, regardless, I have put as long as I can remember for the good of you, I got demolished, you should wed me.

Pandit drones mantras. Navin takes Prerna.

Goon says there is a fire.

Navin and goons hurried to see.

Navin says entryways are bolted, Prerna won’t run anyplace.

Prerna says I don’t comprehend where to go, there is a fire and….

She stops and faculties Anurag.

He goes to her.

She sings to him and grins.

They embrace.

She says I saw you met with a mishap, what amount are you harmed.

He says we have no opportunity to talk.

She says take me from here.

He says I m here, come.

Mohini goes to Anurag’s room and sees him gone.

She yells Anurag, he has pursued that young lady once more.

Nivedita comes.

Mohini says Anurag was here, yet he has gone for Prerna.

Nivedita says I disclosed to you that Prerna will grab Anurag from us, I wish you hear me out, for what reason didn’t you hear me out, you didn’t concur and slapped me.

Mohini yells my Anurag can’t love that young lady.

Nivedita says acknowledge it now, he is caught by that young lady.

Mohini cries.

Anurag says I had hit the fire, don’t begin contending now, we will discover some way.

They proceed.

Navin and goons search for Prerna.

Navin yells Prerna.

Shivani informs everybody concerning Anurag’s call.

She reviews Anurag advising her about Prerna.

They are en route. Moloy says Anurag is with Prerna, she is sheltered currently, police will spare them.

Anupam says indeed, we will deal with Navin effectively.

Police achieve the place as well.

Anurag asks Prerna to go quick.

Navin hits on Anurag’s head.

Anurag swoons.

Prerna yells Anurag.

Navin gazes at her.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 4th February 2019 Ends

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