Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 5th February 2019 Full Episode : Kulfi Is Threatened

Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 5th February 2019 Full Episod

The Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 5th February 2019 episode start with a woman strolls to Nimrat and says Namrata where were you, so long, didn’t you remember me,

I’m Riddhi, how are you,

Nimrat says I’m nimrat, you are mixed up,

Riddhi says quit joking now, I know how prankster you are,

Nimrat says look I don’t have any acquaintance with you,

Kulfi thinks for what reason is she stammering,

Nimrat sees Sikander walk, and frenzies,

Nimrat thinks who is she who is uncovering everything,

Nimrat says who are you, for what reason are you behind me,

I’m nimrat, Kulfi we should go I don’t feel great here.

Lovely watching them, and signs Riddhi.

Kulfi keeps nimrat making inquiries,

Nimrat frenzies and admonishes her and says I’m sad kiddo, I’m not feeling better, I will go practice,you come too we will feel much improved and leaves.

Sikander strolls to kulfi and asks what’s going on, why you look shocked,

Lovely strolls in and says sorry I’m not here to make you awkward I’m here to take few Amyras thing we requirement for school venture,

Sikander says this is Amyras house, you can take anything she desires,

Lovely says not mine however,

Nimrat sees lovely and says is she smashed once more.

Love,y deliberately calls nimrat Namrata,

nimrat turns back,

Lovely goes about as though she is on telephone,

Kulfi confounded takes a gander at her and figures for what reason does she get terrified hearing this name,

Lovely supposes I realize you are keen kulfi, you unquestionably are now considering.

Nimrat takes the lift,

Lovely gets in as well and says don’t be frightened it’s a water bottle not liquor,

Also, inquires as to for what reason were you so amazed when I was conversing with Namrata and for what reason did you reacted,

What’s more, why I feel you are named Namrata and not Nimrat,

Nimrat says I don’t have the foggiest idea,

Lovely says please, I met the young lady in garden,

She was your companion she said and so on,

At any rate on account of you, you spared me from Sikander family and I might want to caution you be product of kulfi,

she is sikanders top pick, don’t stress I won’t disclose to her reality yet I trust you haven’t brought any of your genuine name stuff,

in the event that Kulfi discovers it you will be in chaos.

Lovely makes a call and says now is the right time,

Kulfi pondering name Namrata and how nimrat responds to it,

Nimrat strolls in and says kulfi I will see you later I’m occupied,

Amyra strolls to kulfi, Kulfi says great you came,

Amyra says I’m here for my walkie talkie I wanna break it, give it back rapidly,

Kulfi gets in her room, nimart accessible if the need arises with her companion with her stuff failed and examining about young lady she met ground floor.

Kulfi discovers her hammer book and Namrata written in it,

Also, says you are Namrata and not nimrat, amyra says indeed,

Also, she did this all deliberately to full you and keep you on your side, I had cautioned you, she is awful aunt, she lied about tattoo too, hear me out Kulfi, she lies about being great and on the off chance that she weds father she will toss us out, she is utilizing you to get father and do regardless you see your mother in her,

Amyra leaves.

Kulfi in tears and recollect conversing with her mom,

Also, she didn’t reply. Kulfi says mother I asked you, she lied,

Is amyra saying truth, star sparkles, nimrat tells at Kulfi and says it’s only a star and not your mom,

your mom is dead, she isn’t there, haven’t you examined science, and ridicules kulfi,

Kulfi says I saw my mom in you yet you ridiculed my mom,

I will never pardon you, Nimrat says for what reason will I am sorry,

Kulfi says OK at that point ,I will never give this family a chance to break and reveal to them reality,

Nimrat locks the entryway,

Tears the book and consumes it,

Kulfi gets frightened,

Nimrat says like amyra says I’m exceptionally awful aunt,

Kulfi says I will in any case go and reveal to them reality,

Nimrat says yet who will consent to you, since you gave everybody the certainty that I’m immaculate match and on the off chance that you attempt and disturb me I won’t extra you.

Kulfi races to amyra and blasts entryway,

Amyra opens the entryway,

Kulfi tells amyra what all occurred,

Amyra says you didn’t hear me out now look,

Kulfi asks who will I go to,

I implore you please encourage me,

Amyra says I had cautioned you,

Kulfi says I require your assistance to spare our family,

Amyra says I will help you for my father,

Kulfi says thank you and extremely sad,

Amyra embraces her,and says we will cooperate, and toss awful aunt out of fathers life,

Amyra says we need to work furtively in light of the fact that entire family is with her,

Kulfi says done,

Amyra says go I will think at that point.

kulfi leaves,

Lovely strolls to amyra,

Furthermore, says great job child.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 5th February 2019 ends…

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