Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 6th February 2019 Full Written Episode: Amyra Kulfi Vs Nimrat

Read Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 6th February 2019

The Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 6th February 2019 episode start with Lovely strolls to Amyra and says well done, the amusement is in our grasp now, Amyra says will we win

Lovely says yes and one additionally thing and father will be all yours, amyra asks what,

Lovely says yet it will be agonizing, amyra says I couldn’t care less I need my family back.

Sikander practicing, with Kulfi,

Kulfi takes a gander at nimart and sings portraying her giving her looks,

Nimrat dissolves hearing Sikander sing,

Sikander says wow my Sardar kulfa Singh, extremely great, nimrat gets a call and gets frightened, and leaves,

kulfi pursues her, recollecting Amyras directions,

Kulfi hears nimrat converse with somebody to meet her at café.

Amyra asks kulfi to go pursue nimrat and discover reality,

Kulfi says no she is awful on the off chance that she findsq I’m following her she will hurt me, amyra says mask and go,

Kulfi gets energized and embraces her,

Kulfi leaves.

Lovely says well done infant now 2 days and you will have your father back.

Kulfi dressed as kulfa Singh following nimrat, nimrat sees her however doesn’t perceive.

Kulfi hears nimrat conversing with a man, who asks Nimrat not ruin sikanders life as he did with her, nimrat says don’t you recollect what I did to you so remain away and leaves.

Kulfi converses with the kid and requests help and asks what she did to him,he says I loved Namrata yet she was such a major devotee of Sikander that she needed me to resemble him, I did as well, yet then it was limit and I stoped, however Namrata sent me imprison in phony case and now she is behind Sikander and kiddo I will enable you to uncover Namrata genuine face.

kulfi says great I will give you address.

The boy(Satya) calls Lovely and says I will encourage you,

Lovely says great and thinks great Kulfi you are doing as I’m stating, we are on great track now soon this Namrata will be out and after that you, Satya meets Sikander and family and tells about Namrata,

Namrata strolls in and stunned to see Satya, Satya cautions Sikander,

Sikander says wow you lie so certainly and leave before I call police,

Satya says I have proofs please trust me,sikander says nimrat let me know everything.

(Namrata had perceived kulfi in café and calls Sikander)

Sikander says Nimrat called me and she let me know nimrats confront looks like his ex thus pursues her and realizing she is my fine attempts to copy me to awe her and Nimrat even sent him imprison for following her,

nimrat says please disregard me I beseech you.

Nimrat pulls kulfi aside and says might you venture to attempt upset me,

Kulfi says quit lying, nimrat says I’m here with strong arranging and will wed Sikander and will toss you out of this house and after that you,

Kulfi begins chuckling, amyra strolls in giggling, and says we can design as well, and demonstrates her chronicle, nimrat grabs the telephone, and says here video erased, amyra begins snickering again and says I have officially sent to father nimrat leaves.

Nimrat breaks window box in her leg to divert Sikander,

Sikander taking a gander at her damage, nimrat exploits circumstance and erases the video,

sikander leaves to give emergency treatment, nimrat says I’m so fixated on Sikander and you should compensate for this, amyra and kulfi state we aren’t terrified of you and you will know intensity of companion send.

The Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 6th February 2019 episode ends…

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