Read Naagin Season 3 17th February 2019 Full Written Episode Update Stranger saves Bela

Naagin Season 3 17th February 2019

Today’s Naagin Season 3 17th February 2019 starts with Sumitra asking Alek to bolt the entryway. Alek locks the entryway. Vish yells Mahir and asks Sumitra to take Mahir out and says how might you do this with your child. Sumitra slaps her and says I will take him out when the spot will be singed completely. Mahir drives the table off from his body and gets up. Sumitra hears the sound and tells that it appears he passed on. Mahir gets up when something tumbles down and he falls on the ground. He gets Bela’s bangles and holds it. All the malice naagin and naag are sitting tight for Mahir to kick the bucket. Vish cries yelling arguing to spare him. Sumitra requests that her cry in the wake of seeing his dead body. Yuvi says not a dead body, yet cinder remains. Mahir gets the strength and tells that he won’t kick the bucket and will turn out from that point at any rate. He attempts to open the window and is

running in the cabin when an overwhelming post falls on him and gets under it. He holds her bangle piece and yells Bela. Bela comes there and yells seeing the house ablaze. She yells Mahir. He reviews their sentimental minute there. She cries and says no. Mahir says I realize you love me… and shuts his eyes. Dhadak ko kya hogaya plays… Bela takes a seat and cries. She goes to the haveli and reviews the house minute and embracing Mahir. Naina tune plays… ..She reviews their association and bungalow consuming. She went in the bungalow after some time and discovers his vest piece. Fb closes. Bela cries severely in the haveli supposing him telling that he will release her and requests that her state I love you. She says you can’t abandon me and says I never let you know, similar to you said dependably. She requests that he return and says I can’t survive without you.

She cries severely and blacks out. Vish and Vikrant take a gander at her and she accuses herself and cries. She says she couldn’t spare Mahir. Vikrant asks her not to accuse herself and says you attempted to spare him, however. Vish says it is coming before me and says Sumitra and Yuvi were downright terrible and didn’t give me a chance to wipe her tears. She says extremely terrible thing occurred with her. she doesn’t merit this. Vikrant says they need to respond in due order regarding Mahir’s demise and says they will slaughter her. Vish says she is your mum. Vikrant says Mahir’s passing won’t go squander, she isn’t my mum, yet just Sumitra. Vish says you can’t see her crying. Vikrant says he won’t get enthusiastic this time. They go to Sumitra’s home. Yuvi welcomes them. Vish holds him by her tail and tosses on the ground. Rohini comes. Vikrant requests that her turn. Rohini is going to chomp him, however Vish hits her and nibbles her. She ties them two and secures them in the room. Vikrant goes to Sumitra’s room. Sumitra inquires as to whether your… Vish says, spouse… Vikrant pushes Sumitra off her the seat and she falls on the bed.

Some dark clad men come to Bela. Sumitra says she is Bela. Vikrant gets irate on her for executing Mahir. Sumitra asks would you be able to slaughter your mum. Vikrant says you are the Naagin who executes individuals with no reason. Sumitra says she executes individuals for Naagmani. Vikrant chomps her once. Vish requests that he murder her else she will slaughter her. Sumitra requests that he spare Bela. Vikrant asks I’m not catching your meaning? Sumitra says Bela’s life is in risk and tells that they will have a twofold thrashing, as she slaughtered Mahir before Vish and now Bela will likewise be murdered. Vish reveals to Vikrant that they will go there. Vikrant says first he will execute Sumitra. Sumitra requests that he go. Vish says we will go quick. They leave. Sumitra says everybody will be slaughtered by Huzur Sena. Vish and Vikrant go to the haveli and hunt Bela. They couldn’t discover Bela and think to look for her in any case. Huzur’s men drag semi-cognizant Bela to Huzur. Bela takes a gander at him while he is in dull. Vikrant discloses to Vish that it appears to be a few people drag her. Vish says we will ask the locals. Huzur’s men inquire as to whether she is naagrani. She says she was Naagrani previously, yet not any longer. They tell that they need Naagmani else they will execute her. Bela says she wouldn’t like to Live. Bela says life is gone as Mahir is gone.

Huzur signs the men to take her there. The men disclose to Bela that they will cover her alive. Bela and Vikrant ask the resident. They tell that those men were peculiar who came in the leased vehicle. They tell about the leased vehicle shop office. They go there and ask the movement operator. He gets terrified and reveals to them that the men took the vehicle to the wilderness. Vish and Vikrant leave from that point. Bela is standing and considering Mahir while Huzur’s men are covering her. She yells no. They request that her tell where is naagmani and says this is your last opportunity to get spared. They tell that Huzur doesn’t feel on anybody and requests that her advise else prepare to bite the dust. Bela says how you will execute the effectively dead. They keep the last block and put lamp oil and puts the spot fire. Bela faculties smoke coming inside the shut dividers. She moves back and gets a scratch. She considers Mahir thinking about her little damage. A FB is appeared, Mahir discloses to her that he needs her to live regardless of whether he passes on and asks her not to lose the quality ever. She guarantees him. Mahir embraces her. She supposes I had guaranteed Mahir and can’t break my guarantee. I must be alive and asks Bhole naath to support her. She supposes I need to live and yells for help. The guardian of the building see the flame and call the flame detachment. Vish and Vikrant go to Sumitra’s home, however they don’t discover anybody there.

A woman is conversing with Krish and discloses to him that fire detachment is going there. Krish says the flame is gotten on the best floor and says he will go there and see. Krish keeps running inside the building and trips the stairs. Flame detachment additionally scales. Vish and Vikrant go to Bhole naath and request that he spare Bela, as she is absent for 7 hours. They request that he hear his bhakts and opens his third eye. Vikrant plays the dhol while Vish moves. Krish achieves the best floor and hears Bela’s voice yelling for help. Vish tumbles down. Bhole naath’s favoring as the bloom falls on her.

Vish reveals to Vikrant that their Bhole Naath will ensure Bela and won’t let anything happen to her. Krish spares Bela breaking the dividers and take her to do emergency treatment. He asks the woman not to scrutinize his impulse and tells the specialist that somebody covered her alive. He leaves. Bela gains cognizance. Woman discloses to her that sir protected her. Bela gets up from the bed and sees Bhole Naath’s pic. She expresses gratitude toward him and wishes Mahir could have satisfied his guaranteed to remain together.

Naagin Season 3 17th February 2019 episode ends

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Naagin Season 3 Details

Naagin Season 3 is One of the TV’s most successful shows and. it is the story of naag and naagin love and revenge with full of drama and action, We all Naagin fans/viewers can’t keep calm and have to shout it out to everyone.

Star Cast :

  • Mouni Roy
  • Karishma Tanna
  • Surbhi Jyoti
  • Rajat Tokas
  • Anita Hassanandani
  • Chetan Hansraj
  • Pearl V Puri
  • Rakshanda Khan

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