Read Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2019 Full Written Episode: Kartik To Reveal The Truth

Read Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2019

The Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2019 Episode begins with Rukmani saying we will advise truth to Kirti when she gets fine.

Dadi and everybody chasten her and state its truly off-base.

Baisa asks didn’t you figure what will Kirti experience knowing this.

Naksh says we have to acknowledge reality, Kirti is candidly and physically feeble, however I will deal with her, we won’t grab Naira’s child, not notwithstanding for a minute, I won’t let this occur with my sister.

He asks Naira not to stress.

He says enable me to deal with this circumstance, I will clarify Kirti when I feel she is alright. Naira says we will deal with Kirti. Kartik looks on. Kirti thinks about her mishap.

She says my child… . where is my child… .

Its morning, Manish expresses gratitude toward Lord.

Akhilesh says Kirti will wake up after prescription impact closes.

Everybody implores.

Naira says everything will get fine, Kirti will get typical soon.

They do the aarti.

Kartik requests that Krishna ji instruct him.

He supposes you need me to advise truth to Kirti.

He goes and thinks about Naira’s words.

He goes to Kirti and holds her hand.

He says I can barely handle it, a marvel occurred, we hoped for it yet nobody was certain this could occur, really, your child… .

Kirti asks how could she resemble, who did she take after, me or Naksh, let me know.

Everybody looks on. Kirti says you have seen her, let me know, I know, I heard it, the medical attendant and the specialist were talking, I m still not alarm but rather I can comprehend, when I got some information about infant, nobody addressed me and went out, however I remember something, it resembled a fantasy. Naksh says we all chose to not let you know, I m sorry, how would I disclose to you this is truth, too bad.

Naira says too bad.

Kirti says its not your misstep, I as of now you, I end up losing satisfaction.

Naira says don’t state this. Kirti says I m extremely fortunate that everybody is fine, nothing happened to your child.

Kartik looks on.

Kirti asks what did you name the child.

Naira says Krish.

Kirti says I opened my eyes hearing this name.

Naksh says I have kept a speaker here, everybody was singing.

Naira says Kartik kept your preferred name, we will leave now.

Infant cries and holds Kirti.

Naira takes infant.

Dadi asks Kirti to fare thee well.

Kirti cries and says my child, for what reason lorded do this.

Kartik returns.

She turns and acts to rest.

He sees her resting.

He says I love you Kirti and goes. S

he cries and says I love you too Kartik, I love all of you and don’t need you to see my tears, too bad, my destiny has influenced your satisfaction as well, however not any longer.

Naira asks Leela to make Krish prepared.

She hears Leela and medical caretaker talking.

Medical caretaker says he is untimely however he looks like develop babies, his skin shading and wellbeing.

Leela says how might I know it.

Medical caretaker goes.

Naira asks does untimely infants have distinctive shading skin.

Leela says no, specialist would have let you know.

Naira says what do I require, its great that child isn’t frail.

Naira and Kartik make child rest.

She says he is wicked.

She says Kirti has truly got up, I trust she overlooks her agony, she should feel much hurt, I can comprehend her torment, too bad to talk this, we have to celebrate. He supposes to give her joy.

He takes her to the kitchen.

He demonstrates the child on the camera feed.

They invest energy and sentiment.

Yeh Rishta kya… .plays… .

he embraces her and supposes we will see the circumstance, I will keep you and child extremely upbeat. Following a couple of days, Kartik and Dadi about talking Kirti’s enhancement.

Dadi says we ought to go and meet Kirti.

Naira says yes.

Manish says all of you go, we are going office, we will go along with you there.

Naira says a smart thought.

Naksh says sorry, it won’t work since we have gone ahead claim.

They grin seeing Naksh and Kirti.

Everybody embraces Kirti.

Surekha asks Kirti what will she have today.

Lav and Kush state we will play a tabletop game with Kirti.

Kirti grins seeing Krish.

Naira gives her Krish in lap.

Kirti plays with him.

Kartik looks on.

The Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2019 Episode Ends…

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